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Take a look at our the Events page for past and upcoming events, and the Press Room for past activities and news. For close to seven decades, this annual festive event, held at the conclusion of every academic year, marks the induction of new members of the graduating class into the Association, which connects over Institute graduates all over the world.

Close to 70 faculty members, graduates, alumni and friends of the Association attended the special occasion, the second Graduation Dinner presided over by Air Law And Space Director Professor Brian F. The Director used the occasion to recap highlights of the past years as well as to outline ambitious plans in the run-up to the 70th anniversary of the Institute inwhich coincides with the bicentennial of McGill University.

He reported that the well-received Colloquium Series in Air and Space Law continued this academic year with prominent aviation and space professionals and officials, including Dr. Aysha Al-Hameli. In his lively address to the assembled graduates and attendees, Professor Havel took the opportunity to express appreciation to faculty members and sessional lecturers who taught at the Institute, including Adjunct Professor Dr.

Much to the delight of students, world-renowned aircraft finance expert and Leiden International Institute of Air and Space Law doctoral graduate Dr.

Donal Hanley returned to offer a two-week intensive course in the Winter semester. Amidst warm applause from the students, Professor Havel announced that Dr. Hanley will be joining the Institute as an Adjunct Professor in the new academic year. Soon these new members of our closely-knit community of professionals and academics will receive new credit card-format membership cards that they can carry with them and show around the world with great pride.

Accomplished IASL alumni can be found on all continents, many of whom occupy prominent positions in the legal Air Law And Space, in industry, in academia, and at intergovernmental organisations and government institutions. Every year, only a select group of students who possess the requisite academic credentials, ambition and passion for the fields of air and space law are admitted to the Institute.

After two intense semesters, and having successfully navigated through libraries of study materials and overcome challenging assignments, exams, moot courts, simulations, and extracurricular eventsit is no wonder the students were in a mood to proudly celebrate their journey to their Institute credentials.

Air law

Marie Lucy Stojak. A native of Montreal, Dr. Stojak has been a long-term friend and loyal supporter of the Institute. Since obtaining her doctoral degree from the Institute inDr. Stojak has accumulated an inspiring list of accolades and accomplishments as a space law expert and representative of Canada in various international venues. With years of experience in developing international, interdisciplinary and intercultural educational programmes, Dr.

In recognition of her diplomatic career, leadership skills and ability to bring together and foster dialogue among different sectors of the economy and society, Dr. Stojak was the natural candidate to be handpicked to chair the recently revived Space Advisory Board of the Government of Canada.

The Space Advisory Board is the government body comprising key industry, civil society and research community stakeholders that advises the Canadian federal Government on long-term objectives in the development of the Canadian space sector.

In this key role, Dr. Stojak reminded the attendees of the vision of Canadian space pioneer John H. Indeed, Canada is today a global leader in space robotics, telecommunications, and remote sensing, which have contributed greatly to the social and economic wellbeing of Canada and the world at large, and which will continue to form the foundation of the new space strategy for Canada.

Taking the audience in a retrospective and captivating journey as a traveller through time, Dr. Stojak narrated her past experiences as well as her projections of the marvels to be expected in the future.

As they are about to venture into the professional and highly competitive world, Dr. A degree from a recognised world-class institution such as the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law has even greater value when one considers priceless lifelong friendships built in the lecture halls and during extracurricular activities.

Meeting and networking with IASL alumni from across the years and in all walks of life add can be life- and career-changing. In this increasingly interconnected world, Dr. Stojak urged the students to be brave and to take risks as they move forward in their lives and careers, and to not forget to give back to future generations of rising aviation and space law professionals and academics.

Most importantly, while enjoying successes and accomplishments, Dr. Stojak underlined, to the great appreciation of the audience, the value of not forgetting to live, and not neglecting to invest in life and in human relations. Stojak opened her address by suggesting that students do not remember who gave the keynote speech at their graduations, or its content, but the IASL graduating class manifestly disagreed with her humble assessment!

The Conference provide a current students and young professionals the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and research proposals before industry experts and academics in the fields of air law and space law. The tremendous success of the two back-to-back events, made possible with the generous contribution and support from award-winning airline Qatar Airways, underlines the shared commitment of both partners Air Law And Space invest in and cultivate future aviation leaders.

These twin events aim at providing masters and doctoral students with concrete opportunities to enhance their oral advocacy skills and to present their research on cutting edge issues to a wide audience of aviation and space law professionals. Havel said. The intramural air law moot was soft launched in to provide McGill law students at the undergraduate and graduate levels with the opportunity to grapple with fascinating topics and legal issues in aviation.

This year, the partnership with Qatar Airways ensured the continued interest in the mooting competition, which was brilliantly choreographed by moot court coordinator LL. M student Ms. Harshita Khera, from India. The competing moot teams registered for the unique opportunity to argue on both sides in an intricate case concerning drone incursion into public airport facilities. Air Law And Space maintaining the highest standard of fairness, a select pool of judges comprising aviation professionals at Qatar Airways, McGill faculty members, seasoned law practitioners, and recognised experts working in the aviation industry were invited to adjudicate the competition.

Polly Averns and Ms. Nivedita Raju and of 3L students Mr.

Air space air law

Eric Abrams and Mr. Havel, who served as President of the Court. The Grand Final bench unanimously agreed that the sound legal arguments, poise and eloquence of Ms.

It does not include outer space, which, under the Outer Space Treaty of , is declared to be free and not subject to national appropriation. Submit Feedback. Air space , also spelled Airspace , in international law , the space above a particular national territory, treated as belonging to the government controlling the territory. Info Print Cite. The treaty, however, did not define the altitude at which outer space begins and air space ends. Air space.

Averns and Ms. Raju had the edge over the other team.

Upcoming events

Adam Mudge won the Spirit of the Moot Award — awarded by vote of the court clerks — for demonstrating laudable camaraderie and professionalism throughout the competition. A gala dinner and award ceremony followed where students, professionals, and executives from Qatar Airways had the opportunity to mingle and socialise. As a prelude to the elegant events of the evening, participants and invited guests enjoyed fast-paced videos highlighting the stellar rise and achievements of Qatar Airways, as well as presenting Qatar as a growing tourist destination.

Atti of Qatar Airways, the key person and visionary who eagerly pushed for more entrenched relations with the Institute, presided over the award ceremony with Professor Havel.

True to the celebratory mood of the evening, Professor Havel unveiled the exciting Air Law And Space that, with the continued sponsorship of Qatar Airways, from the moot competition will be open to law schools across North America Canada, United States, and Mexico. The event, coordinated by Ms.

Atti, who both reminded participants of the importance of blending academic scholarship with practical industry experience. Carola Weil, delivered a video greeting expressing the hope that the conference could inspire similar gatherings in other McGill faculties, and her colleague Associate Dean Dr.

Among the cutting-edge topics chosen by students and rising scholars were presentations on the legal and regulatory regime for future Air Law And Space flying taxis, the accommodation of disabilities in the airline industry, the global coordination of aerospace operations, legal issues and challenges surrounding active space debris removal, the risk of cyberattacks against space assets, and the consequences for aviation following Brexit.

The current Editor of the Annals, Mr. Bruno Savoie, was on hand to announce this excellent initiative at the outset of the conference. Between panel sessions were a number of expert commentaries beginning with a presentation by Mr. During lunch, Professor Havel conducted an informal roundtable with two rising aviation Air Law And Space, Mr.

Their personal anecdotes and experiences as young professionals in a competitive job market provided exemplary models for graduates and rising scholars seated in the room. Jakhu, Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, and Mr. Doucet, together with representatives of Qatar Airways, were members of a blue-ribbon panel that selected which presenters were deserving of special recognition.

The intense events over two days, coupled with the personal attendance of recognised aviation professionals from Qatar Airways and the aviation and space industries, were driven by the strong belief in the value of providing students, future legal practitioners, and emerging academics with opportunities to showcase their capacities for new thinking and their evolving skills in the fascinating fields of air and space law, as well as with unmatched opportunities for networking with established leaders, experts, and academics.

The valuable partnership with global industry leader Qatar Airways in organising co-curricular pre-professional activities, such as the moot competition and the Rising Scholars conference, will equip our accomplished and cosmopolitan students, who each year represent more than 20 different nationalities, with the skills and practical experience to thrive as effective advocates, practitioners, diplomats, and expert consultants throughout the ever-challenging domains of air and space law and policy.

The internship will offer IASL students the opportunity to apply their legal, business, and administrative knowledge over a three-month period each year, assisting IFALPA in achieving its mission as the global voice of the airline pilot profession. IFALPA is a not-for-profit international organisation representing overpilots in nearly countries.

  • Air Law And Space. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Air law, the older of the 2, is the body of public and private law, both national and international, that regulates aeronautical activities and other uses of airspace.
  • Special use airspace or special area of operation SAO is the designation for airspace in which certain activities must be confined, or where limitations may be imposed on aircraft operations that are not part of those activities. Air law, the older of the 2, is the body of public and private law, both national and international, that regulates aeronautical activities and other uses of airspace.
  • Categories : Air traffic control General aviation.
  • Introduction Airspace Sovereignty Private rights Airports Aircraft Nationality Acts and occurrences on board aircraft Criminal jurisdiction Civil jurisdiction Crimes against aircraft Piracy Hijacking Goods, passengers, shippers, and other parties International regulation. Air law, the older of the 2, is the body of public and private law, both national and international, that regulates aeronautical activities and other uses of airspace.

In providing representation and support to members and the aviation industry as a whole, the mission of IFALPA is to promote the highest level of aviation safety worldwide, and to be the global advocate of the piloting profession. Other internship opportunities have been established with several Montreal-based aviation organizations including Airports Council International and Air Canada, and more will be finalised in the coming months.

Aviation is a tremendous industry that helps fuel the global economy and its primary component is people. The ceremony concluded with brief remarks by Mr.

Polly Averns, Ms. Nivedita Raju, and Mr. Mike Bilodeau with their team coach Mr. Aram Kerkonian, posing with their winning plaque and Mr.

The triumphant team fielded by McGill comprised Ms. Nivedita Raju Indiaand Mr. Just a week earlier, Ms. Raju was also decorated with the Best Oralist Award. The Manfred Lachs moot case concerns the legal consequences of various fictionalised and futuristic outer space activities, particularly in relation to the use of space resources for military purposes. The McGill team was one of 21 teams competing in the North American regionals, and one of 8 teams to proceed beyond the preliminary rounds.

The McGill team then came face-to-face with worthy opponents from George Washington University in the finals of the North American regionals. With great confidence, poise, and excellent command and presentation of the facts and legal arguments, the McGill team delivered a compelling narrative for the final round bench and they were declared winners of this exciting and tightly-contested competition.

Air Law And Space, proud coach of the McGill team. They were Air Law And Space by various teams from across North America but rose to the occasion in each and every round, returning the North American championship back to McGill University's Institute of Air and Space Law! The distinguished McGill team will now proceed to the World Finals, where they will compete against the formidable winners of the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Africa regional competitions.

Well done, Polly, Nivi, and Mike! David Kuan-Wei Chen, was among the many speakers and participants invited to contribute to this innovative event aimed at fostering dialogue between experts and academics working in various domains of international law.

The workshop was convened and co-organised by Dr. Petersburg and Ms. Jenni Tapio Ph.

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hostiserver Air space , also spelled Airspace , in international law , the space above a particular national territory, treated as belonging to the government controlling the territory. It does not include outer space, which, under the Outer Space Treaty of , is declared to be free and not subject to national appropriation. The treaty, however, did not define the altitude at which outer space begins and air space ends.
ud3ath Airspace [1] is the portion of the atmosphere controlled by a country above its territory, including its territorial waters or, more generally, any specific three-dimensional portion of the atmosphere. It is not the same as aerospace , which is the general term for Earth's atmosphere and the outer space in its vicinity. Airspace may be further subdivided into a variety of areas and zones, including those where there are either restrictions on flying activities or complete prohibition of flying activities.
seosoup International aviation organizations and their law-making functions. Legal responses to aviation terrorism.
3v manager Air law , the body of law directly or indirectly concerned with civil aviation. Aviation in this context extends to both heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air aircraft. Air-cushion vehicles are not regarded as aircraft by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO , but the practice of individual states in this regard is not yet settled. The earliest legislation in air law was a decree of the Paris police forbidding balloon flights without a special permit.
genas Space law is the body of law governing space-related activities, encompassing both international and domestic agreements, rules, and principles.