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  2. Journey into Consciousness By Dawn Edwards

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As we officially enter the Space Age this books comes as an inspired treatise and guide for a new level of consciousness. The author contends we are on the verge of as great a change in evolvement as the Ice Age precipitated. That each man may glimpse the purpose of life, his quest, the necessity of choice, and the signs by which he may now travel onward, this book was written.

In one grand sweep on her intricate canvas, Philosophy, Science, the History of Evolution, Religion, Psychology, and Direct Vision are all employed as Dawn Edwards organizes such findings to illumine their combined meaning.

Though a textbook of the Inexpressible is perhaps an impossibility, the book makes a very close approach to such. It cannot fail to educate, stimulate, or waken the reader; and will impress with its urgency for man to be readied for the immanent, momentous change he faces, in his Journey Journey into consciousness Consciousness.

Journey into Consciousness By Dawn Edwards

Journey into Consciousness by Dawn Edwards. Formats Softcover.

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  • This inner science is the supreme science, because through it alone can we truly understand the nature of the universe, its origin and goal, and also the nature of our own inner being, which is one with all. Most forget this daily change of nature, but for those who are aware it is easy to see.
  • Journey into consciousness, He has an innate ability to inspire and empower his students, intuitively guiding them on a journey above and beyond the physical.

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valcomor Available in eBook and Paperback. I felt like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a long dormant cocoon. I was on the cusp of something new and exciting, and I could feel the power of what was to come…my journey into consciousness. We are constantly writing the story of our lives based on choices — whether we make these choices ourselves or they are made for us.
andr3vls Trust in the process. Trust that all is as it should be in each and every moment. Trust that all is truly well.
flandys Understanding four states of mind: waking, dreaming, deep sleep and samadhi. Our ongoing state of awareness and its various levels hold perhaps the greatest of these secrets. Consciousness is the very basis of our existence, abiding as the steady inner light behind the changes of outer life.
kolochev Using her psychic and mediumistic abilities, healing gifts and teachings, Shelly responds to your questions and offers you messages from your angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit during this presentation.
Rrd I felt like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a long dormant cocoon.