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  1. Practice of International Litigation Second Edition
  2. Enforcement of Money Judgments
  3. Complete List of E-Books

A practice-oriented guide for any lawyer involved in litigation or arbitration in the United States but who faces issues that go beyond its borders. Both international litigation and arbitration are extensively covered in this work. The chapters revolve around the practical problems which face the litigator - service of proceedings, discovery, the obtaining of evidence and enforcement of judgments and awards.

In addition, some important topics in substantive law are addressed. Preface Foreword Introduction. Chapter 1. Chapter 2.

Practice of International Litigation Second Edition

State Responsibility in Transnational Actions. Chapter 3. Expropriation of Investments Abroad. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

Enforcement of Money Judgments

Chapter 6. Enforcing International Obligations: Frolova v. Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Mailed Service Outside the U. Chapter 9. Chapter International Insolvency and Section of the Bankruptcy Code. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Federal Statutes. Antisuit Injunctions and the Race to Judgment. Comity as Basis for Dismissal. Defenses to Payment of Foreign Debt. The Alien Tort Claims Act. Federal Question Jurisdiction in International Disputes. Latin American and Forum non Conveniens Dismissals. Disputes with Foreign States.

Forum Non Conveniens -- Conditional Dismissals. Jurisdiction to Enforce Arbitral Awards. Jurisdiction Through the Internet. Jurisdiction to Challenge International Arbitral Awards. Prejudgment Attachments: Sovereign Immunity. Attachments Abroad I. Attachments Abroad II. Attachments in Aid of Arbitration. Prejudgment Attachments: Treaty Waivers of Immunity. Central Bank Property: Protection from Attachment.

Attaching Proceeds of Letters of Credit. Enforcement of Foreign Provisional Remedies. Provisional Remedies in Aid of International Arbitration. Prejudgment Attachments in Aid of Foreign Proceedings.

Lessons from English "Mareva" Injunctions. Obtaining Evidence Abroad. Discovery Abroad: The Hague Convention. Depositions and Other Discovery in Judgment Enforcement Second Edition.

Production of Evidence for Use in Foreign Tribunals. Service of Process in Switzerland. Extraterritorial Reach of Rule 45 Subpoena. Subpoenas Under the Federal Arbitration Act. Obtaining Evidence from U. Nationals Abroad.

Discovery for Foreign Litigants. Injunctions Against Transfer of Assets. Service Through the Internet. Discovery in Aid of International Arbitration.

Complete List of E-Books

Use of Section in Aid of International Arbitration. State versus Federal Arbitration Procedure. Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: Iran. Enforcement of Money Judgments Abroad. Foreign Currency Judgments. Recognition of Foreign Judicial Systems in U. The Proposed Hague Convention on Judgments. Jurisdiction to Enforce Foreign Judgments.

Passing Judgment on Other Countries' Courts. Orders in Support of Foreign Proceedings. Enforcing Multiple-Damage Judgments in Europe. A Blow against Libel Tourism. Judicial Intervention in Arbitrability of International Claims. International Arbitration Provisional Remedies. Arbitrating with Foreign States. Remedies in Aid of International Arbitration. Training for International Arbitrators. Enforcement of Arbitration Provisions in Bankruptcy.

Arbitration in Transnational Pricing Disputes. Punitive Damages Awards in International Arbitration. Consolidation of Arbitrations. Arbitration and Disputes Involving Multiple Parties. Alternatives for the Resolution of Letter of Credit Disputes. Cross-Examination in International Arbitration.

Winning a judgment is only the first step in obtaining your damages - Judgment Enforcement is the next and equally critical step. This essential one-volume work presents a concise treatment of judgment enforcement practice from discovery to execution. You'll discover how to find, freeze, and collect hidden assets; how to obtain information on the assets available; plus how to prepare and file enforcement-related pleadings and documents. Judgement Enforcement, Second Edition includes a detailed discussion of the federal judgment enforcement provisions and strategies for international execution, As well as tips and strategies for effectively executing all judgments. James Joseph Brown. Judgment Enforcement.

International Arbitration- Unfinished Business. Ethics in International Arbitration. Cultural Predictability in International Arbitration. The Standard for Challenging Arbitration Awards. Dispute Resolution Opportunities for Foreign Investors.

  • Recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgment is pursued by way of commencing fresh proceedings by way of an originating High Court summons.
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  • Subject to meeting specified minimum procedural standards set out in Chapter III of the Regulation, a certificate will issue from the Member State of origin which provides that the judgment shall be recognised and enforced under the same conditions as a judgment handed down in the Member State of enforcement. Law Department Performance.

International Arbitration - Unfettered Freedom to Participate? International Arbitration - Past, Present and Future. Twenty-Five Years of International Litigation. Disclosure of Conflicts by Arbitrators. Corruption in International Dispute Resolution. Predictability in International Arbitration. Damages in International Arbitration. Prefatory N. Remedies to Aid International Arbitration. The Party-Appointed Arbitrator Dialectic.

Arbitrator Efficiency in International Arbitration. Assessing Costs in International Arbitration. The Difference between Commercial and Investment Arbitration. Who Decides Arbitrability?

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kirsl Peters, Esq. While this book is primarily intended as a guide for attorneys who regularly engage in debt collection and the enforcement of money judgments, from time to time virtually every attorney is called on by a friend or relative to provide advice or assistance in that area. With this in mind, this book may also serve as a text of first reference for attorneys who only occasionally practice in this area.
alex_sanches This is a comprehensive and practical guide for legal practitioners working in the area of enforcement. It covers practice and procedure relating to enforcement in the Superior Courts, the Circuit Court and the District Court.
twink When economic times are hard, clients need their debts collected and judgments enforced more than ever for their businesses to be viable.