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The MCAT is a grueling 7. Mcat Biology Examkrackers Many struggle, and many many students postpone and retake. But… this is typically due to inadequate preparation or unpredictable circumstances. Leah4sci: First of all congratulations! Congratulations again on the , that is amazing! Nayna: Thanks! Leah4sci : When you started studying for the MCAT, what was your target score and how did you choose that number? Nayna: Yes and no, I attempted the old version 4.

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The MCAT is a grueling 7. Many struggle, and many many students postpone and retake.

Examkrackers MCAT Passages: Biology 1: Molecules : Biochemistry

But… this is typically due to inadequate preparation or unpredictable circumstances. Leah4sci: First of all congratulations! Congratulations again on thethat is amazing! Nayna: Thanks! Leah4sci : When you started studying for the MCAT, what was your target score and how did you choose that number? Nayna: Yes and no, I attempted the old version 4. Leah4sci: When you started studying for the MCAT, what did you feel was your biggest challenge to getting started?

I felt like I was going in blind. My friends suggested taking a test prep course, so I did. Before the course I actually just read all of the books, got familiar with the material and highlighted important information. I officially began a course in June and finished mid-August, but I started reading up on stuff in May. How much time in total did you initially plan to devote to the MCAT? Mcat Biology Examkrackers long did it actually take you? Nayna: So most test prep companies tell you to study for 3 months minimum.

I set aside 3 months. But you have to be dedicated. Definitely the hardest thing was trying to figure out what material to cover each day. You have to make a schedule for every day and make it for the entire 3 months so that you know what to study on weekly basis. Nayna: Right. So I planned to spend the entire day studying. I also had an internship at the hospital that took up a lot of my time.

I would actually study from 9am to 6pm. I allowed minute break to eat but that was about it. I would study in my basement since no one was there or just study in the library. Leah4sci: Did you postpone the exam at any point or was August 21st the initial date you chose? I registered sometime in May and I decided on August 21st.

Leah4sci: is an amazing score. Just a baseline, for people to understand how you got here? Leah4sci: Compared to the real MCAT, which practice exams do you feel prepared you the most and therefore the best for the students to use for their studying?

Leah4sci: Did you find that questions from the ExamKrackers practice exams were more or less difficult? Did they teach you to think or to overthink? Nayna: I think that ExamKrackers teaches you to think but not to overthink. I also thought Next Step was pretty good. I know there are other practice exams available from companies like Princeton Review and Kaplan, that are just purposely hard and meant mcat Biology Examkrackers confuse you because you have no idea what to expect.

They kinda depress you and destroy your confidence. I think ExamKrackers and Next Step are the way to go. Leah4sci: Which books did you use to prepare? Nayna: I used the old ExamKrackers books since I already had them. I also had the old 1, question sets. The books were really helpful. Leah4sci: In addition to the exams and the bundles, did you use any other mcat Biology Examkrackers to practice MCAT style passages? Nayna: I did the passages in the Examkrackers books and re-did the practice tests.

For example, I had difficulty with amino acids. Between your workshop on PI, your amino acids resources and the cheat sheetI really got it. I never knew PI until your live workshop. Nayna: Examkrackers told us to read every chapter three times.

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I also took notes in a notebook. For example, I had a lot of biochemistry notes because I never took Biochem, as well as lot more Psychology notes. When my class started it was easier because they put me on a schedule. This way you are not just studying, but also getting to know what to expect from the exam, when you get hungry, what to eat, what to drink, things like that.

Did you have any hiccups and failures along the way? If so, what did you do to just snap out of mcat Biology Examkrackers and get back to your goal?

Nayna: It was really hard. I think the most important thing is to have a good support system. But, it was really helpful to have my parents support. Basically, I would take a practice test and then cry for an hour. You know, you can only be proud of the work you did, you can only be proud of whatever score you get because you worked hard. Leah4sci: Do you think that if you gave yourself more than three months to space it out would that have been easier for you? Nayna: I did an intensive study schedule that is true.

I would have lost my discipline and started forgetting if I gave myself 6 months to prepare. Leah4sci: How many hours do you think you put in given the three months and mcat Biology Examkrackers amount of hours per week? If they can not put in hours in three months it might have to be spaced out over 4, 5, mcat Biology Examkrackers 8 months. If I had my normal college schedule it would be really hard.

From the get go set up your amino acid flashcards. You should make them from the start and review them. Hormones, that kind of stuff. Click to learn more about how to use Flashcards effectively.


Leah4sci: Now, how did you feel the morning of your exam? Really,really nervous but I also kept reminding myself mcat Biology Examkrackers I worked really hard for this.

I had to remind myself to stay calm the whole time. Leah4sci: How did mcat Biology Examkrackers manage your stress, if you did feel like you were too anxious or too nervous? Nayna: Honestly, again this is gonna sound kinda cheesy but I think this technique works really well.

Before every session close your eyes for 5 seconds and breathe in, breathe out, and then you are ready to start. And if in the middle of a section you panic just close your eyes again and breathe.

Leah4sci: How did you manage your time on the exam itself? Nayna: Good question. I think time management is a skill that improves with taking practice tests. I wound up finishing with around 10 minutes to spare for each section. Everyone, if they work for it I think can get it.

I just worked really, really hard. It made me think that maybe I was not as good of a standardized test taker as I thought. However, for this MCAT everyone has to work their butt off.

  • Mammalian eggs undergo holoblastic cleavage where division occurs throughout the whole egg. Steroids are synthesized on the rough endoplasmic reticulum D.
  • Mcat Biology Examkrackers - To get yourself into a medical college after the high-school graduation, you will need to take the MCAT tests.

It will. Leah4sci: Did you jump around in any of the MCAT sections, or did you attempt all the questions in order? Nayna: For the most part I took it straight through.

I moved on to the next passage to calm myself down and get my confidence back, then revisited the hard passage. When I absolutely had no idea what they were talking about I just did a blind guess.

Everything else — if I was between the two answer choices I crossed my fingers and hoped I chose the correct one. I wish they told you what you got wrong instead of just a score report with a number. I tried to find anything in the passage that could help me. All that studying definitely paid off. Leah4sci: Looking back then, any last minute advice especially to students who are just starting out or in the middle of the grind, what would you say to them?

Put your phone away really mcat Biology Examkrackers hard and it WILL pay off. The flashcards really come in handy. For example, make flashcards on amino acids, hormones, psychology terms. You should make some flashcards at the beginning of your studying. They mix it up.

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