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Neither the incessant feed of commercial publications on Taoism, nor the attempts to define Taoism in relation to science, medicine, psychology, ethics, and other branches of modern Western learning, have done much to eliminate those misconceptions, and often such efforts have contributed to their formation and dissemination. The Encyclopedia of Taoism provides an overview of the Taoist tradition through a wide selection of themes, reflects the current state of Taoist scholarship, and aims to contribute to a better understanding of this and related fields of study. The encyclopedia of taoism It also endeavors to acquaint a wider public with the viewpoints of researchers working in this area, a task made difficult by some of the assumptions predominant within broad sectors of academia and of the so-called general public. Academic study, however, is not always capable of explicating the nature of Taoist teachings and the reasons for their plurality of forms to a wider audience. Not only are scholars accustomed to writing for other scholars, but the adoption of different standpoints and methodologies within the field results in an elaborate landscape of views and opinions that often contradict one another. On the other hand, many people outside the field of Taoist studies who are attracted by the cryptic sayings of the Daode jing and fascinated by the enigmatic stories of the Zhuangzi find it difficult or even unimportant to consider that Taoism has a proper history. Recent translations of other texts, addressed to the lay public, do not provide much help, as even the best among them consist of literal renditions that offer little or no support to the reader, or contain cursory and superficial "historical introductions. Yet, for its masters, priests, and adepts, this is what Taoism has been for about two and a half millennia.

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  2. The Encyclopedia of Taoism Google книги

The book contains about entries arranged in alphabetical order, an appendix, two bibliographies, a final index, and other front and back matter.

taoist alchemy

With few exceptions, entries range between and 2, words. The entries are concerned with the following subjects: 1. Surveys of major topics: ca.

Many readers will view the Encyclopedia of Taoism as one of the countless tools that provide, according to the stereotyped formulation, "fast and easy access" to.

Schools and traditions: ca. Persons: ca.

The Encyclopedia of Taoism Google книги

Texts: ca. Terms including ritual and self-cultivation practices : ca. Divinities and immortals: ca. Temples: ca. Mountains: ca. A list of closely related entries is also found at the end of each entry.

Bibliographic references help to expand the amount of information gathered from the Encyclopedia. References to works in Western languages, Chinese, and Japanese are found at end of individual entries in abbreviated form author and year ; full bibliographic details are provided in a hundred-page bibliography of Taoist studies at the end of the book.

Several dozen illustrations and tables complement the entries. Both the entries and the bibliography contain Chinese and Japanese characters. Complete or partial translations of sixteen major Neidan works. The selections are representative of the main Neidan lineages and branches. Read more on this new book. A translation of the Jindan sibai ziattributed to Zhang Boduan the author of the Awakening to Realitywith commentary by Peng Haogu 16th century.

A survey of the history, lineages, and main doctrines and practices of Taoist alchemy.

Forty-six authors contributed entries, ninety illustrations, and twenty-eight tables on a wide variety of issues pertaining to Daoism. The majority of the Encyclopedia consists of one-to-five-page alphabetized entries that contain detailed treatments of a wide range of Daoist ideas, people, texts, history, and terms. London: Routledge, Written over a dozen years, the Encyclopedia of Taoism was edited by Fabrizio Pregadio into a mammoth two-volume set that stands as a valuable addition to scholarship on Daoism. The Encyclopedia of Taoism, 2 volumes.

The Encyclopedia of Taoism Routledge Amazon. The Encyclopedia of Taoism. From the Cantong qi.

  • The Encyclopedia of Taoism provides comprehensive coverage of Taoist religion, thought and history, reflecting the current state of Taoist scholarship. Taoist studies have progressed beyond any expectation in recent years.
  • The encyclopedia of taoism, The Tao is a fundamental idea in most Chinese philosophical schools; in Taoism, however, it denotes the principle that is the source, pattern and substance of everything that exists. The roots of Taoism go back at least to the 4th century BCE.
  • A Guide to Chinese Literature.

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thunder The book contains about entries arranged in alphabetical order, an appendix, two bibliographies, a final index, and other front and back matter. With few exceptions, entries range between and 2, words.