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  1. The Southern Cradle: A Review of The Other Irish by Karen F. McCarthy Abbeville Institute
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Acclaimed journalist and documentary filmmaker Karen F. Her cinematic background shines through as she shares the influence of the distinct culture that produced Americans icons from Davy Crocket to the first man on the moon.

The irony is, when you actually look at it, the Protestants from the North of Ireland were in America years before the mass of Irish Catholics from the Great Starvation times.

  • The Other Irish The Scots Irish Rascals Who Made America. The sub-title of Karen F.
  • Ralph Stanley was a PBU member.
  • I had fun reading and learning about the generations of these Scots-Irish.
  • May 13, L. Open Preview See a Problem?

They are more responsible for what is the fundamental to the American character than Irish Catholics, yet not everyone knows anything about them. I just thought that was bizarre. Q: Why do you think that occurred? Because The Troubles were so consuming, a lot of other history and culture was shuffled into the background.

By second and third generation Scots Irish considered themselves American because they were there for the formation of the country. People say they were absorbed into American culture, but when you look at the book, when you look at the quintessential America character, it was largely formed on the American frontier. KFM: I had quite a difficult time researching the book. I really had to go out and dig to get it first hand.

The Southern Cradle: A Review of The Other Irish by Karen F. McCarthy Abbeville Institute

The first place I went to research this book was up to Belfast and Larne. I think in the North people started realizing the history was not all that accessible.

When I went back to America to travel around the South, a couple of people in Belfast and Larne were researching in the little archives around town to help me find bits of information to try to piece together the ancient history. Q: How did your experience serving as an embedded reporter in Iraq, influence your strategy for researching this book?

All of the preconceived notions I had about Iraq and about the Iraqis changed rapidly. Some for the better, some for the worst, but nonetheless, very different than what I thought it would be.

Also known as the "Other Irish," this wild bunch of patriotic, rebellious, fervently religious rascals gave us the NRA, at least fourteen presidents, decisive victories in the Revolutionary War, a third of today's US Military, country music, Star Wars , the Munchkins, American-style Democracy, and even the religious right. Karen F. Yet few Americans are familiar with the Other Irish or their contributions to American culture. Now author and documentary filmmaker Karen McCarthy shines a probing light on this fascinating topic, illuminating the extent to which the Scots-Irish helped weave the fabric of our nation. They're all descendants of a merry group of Scots-Irish braggarts that crossed the Atlantic from Ireland in the early s and settled in America's South.

When I went into the backcountry of the American South, I tried to put aside any preconceived idea and arrive with an open mind. What was the most surprising information you found in your research? I came out of the South thinking, this must be one of the most misunderstood places on the planet.

The American South!

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For more information about Karen F. McCarthy and The Other Irish, visit her website: www. Q: How have people responded?

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hapman Karen F. What I particularly appreciate about the book is the way in which she tells their story by concentrating on the incredible characters in that tradition. She thereby circumvents the dry as dust abstractions of the more conventional approaches taken by academic historians and sociologists. Because she is an experienced journalist with an eye for the telling detail, the figures she writes about leap off the page in all their wonderful idiosyncrasy, orneriness, hardscrabble toughness, occasional tenderness and persnickety charm.