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Christmas is the only time of year when mothers and fathers essentially conduct a reverse-heist on their own house, and their children are the security guards. But there generally comes a day when the existence of Santa will be brought up by one party or another, and with it, parents are presented with a perfect representation of the contradiction of raising a child: how do you keep your kids happy and tell them the truth at the same time? Very few of them will let you off the hook, however. The unraveling of the myth came after independent interrogation by [my oldest kids] Jaya and Jesse questioning the factual basis of certain central tenets. Anyway, Jaya started questioning us about how that could be the case, and specifically, how Santa could do such a thing. The truth about santa At the same time, Jesse not surprisingly was coming in on a different vector, challenging logical, scientific, and engineering aspects of the story: Reindeer can fly?

  1. When and How I Told My Kids The Truth About Santa Claus Fatherly
  2. The Truth About Santa by Greg Kotis. An apocalyptic holiday tale

Photo: Skye Morse-Hodgson. Many people think they know the truth about Santa, but they are wrong.

When and How I Told My Kids The Truth About Santa Claus Fatherly

Ho ho ho, children! This is the Christmas Santa will reveal his true self.

This is the untold truth of Santa Claus, and how he turned into the jolly, red- cloaked, chubby fellow we know today.

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The Truth About Santa by Greg Kotis. An apocalyptic holiday tale

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What lie, you ask? T his was last year. I hear my 3-year-old through the baby monitor. And when my husband was feeling unusually sentimental about his childhood Christmas ornaments, I even made him a tree. And it was me who coordinated with other parents for a playdate that included free Santa photos. Christmas magic vs. Really, we went for the hand-carved woodland creatures carousel , which my kid loved. All of it.
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tieriroberts13 The truth being, of course, that his favourite reindeer isn't Rudolph Every parent does it differently - this is what the parenting experts say. Christmas with children is the most magical time of all, from visiting Santa's grotto to putting out his mince pie on Christmas Eve and seeing their faces light up in anticipation. When is the right time to stop perpetuating this lie?
ganelon You might disagree with me. I have faith and trust in you to respectfully disagree. So, thanks, in advance for being a safe space! And thanks for reading.