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  1. Operating Instructions

Projector image discoloration is one of the most common issues, and is not resolved by replacing your projector lamp. If your projector shows a yellow, red, purple, or blue tint along all or part of your image, it needs to be professionally serviced. A discolored image means that there is an issue with the color wheel DLP projectors or polarizing plates LCD projectors.

If caught early on LCD projectors, this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and recallibration of the color module. If you wait too long, this repair involves replacement of the polarizing plates or prism assembly which can be quite expensive. Failure to do so on an annual or semi-annual basis can lead to dust within the optical section which will show up as dots or specks on your projector image.

If the dots are a tinted color panasonic Pt Dw530u Repair Service Manual User Guides hue, this means that the dust has settled on the color module, which means that the polarizing plates need to be cleaned lcd projector or the color wheel needs to be cleaned dlp projector. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards.

This repair will involve pinpointing the cause of the problem, along with a thorough cleaning of hard to reach cooling channels. This is not a user serviceable repair. If the status light is accompanied by a power-on issues, then this may be indicative of more significant issues such as main board failure, ballast failure, or needs replacement fans.

Projector Image is Dull or Dim The likely culprit of a dim projector is the bulb. High bulb hours will require a replacement of the bulbs in the unit. While replacing the lamp can be done by the end user, it is important to realize that the lamp is usually one of the last things that needs to be replaced. We recommend replacing bulbs after hours of use, which is well outside the annual use range for most recreational projector users.

Often times, we receive calls from customers who have spent a few hundred dollars replacing their lamps, only to find that the lamp was not the cause of their discoloration, power on issues, or blinking status lights. Quality lamps can be quite expensive and we recommend only replacing the lamps when needed. These OEM lamps have been known to cause power fluctuations, leading to power supply failure, ballast failure, or even main board failure.

Operating Instructions

The issue could be either software or hardware. Make sure that your projector is on the right display mode. Sometimes, broken remotes or broken buttons on the projector will prevent you from switching to the correct input, so test these too.

Cracked Projector Lens Assembly or Projector Housing Mishandled projectors that have been dropped may need work to replace physical features of the projector, including replacement of any mounting brackets for lenses, or the lenses themselves.


Lenses are not repaired, but they are rather replaced. For schools and businesses using projectors, especially high brightness projectors, a good Preventative Maintenance schedule calls for a cleaning and re-calibration once a year. Churches and low hour users can usually get away with a semi-annual cleaning. Just be sure to carefully pack your item in a new box with plenty of cushioning, include a note describing your issues and contact information, and we will contact you when we have an estimate ready!

Remember, that the UPS store can always pack and ship your unit for you if you are uncertain about its safety. Ship orders to our Los Angeles Repair Facility:.

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  • Panasonic Pt Dw530u Repair Service Manual User Guides. The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of colour reproduction and brightness that make each colour stand out. Vivid Colour Control This unique control technology optimises the use of the colour segment areas of the colour wheel.
  • IAVI offers the most affordable and cost effective solutions tailored to customers specific business needs.

No menu assigned! Discolored Projector Image Projector image discoloration is one of the most common issues, and is not resolved by replacing your projector lamp. No Inputs Recognized by Projector The issue could be either software or hardware. As a result, we stand by our product.

See below. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage! If you get stuck in repairing a defective appliance download this repair information for help. Looking for other manual? Good luck to the repair!

We repair all units we sell, cutting out the middle man and guaranteeing timely repairs. Telegraph Rd. Unit D Montebello, CA

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